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About Us

Debbie Sullivan and Hes A Kelo Cochise Duane Sullivan and Eyes Honey Blond
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Twenty or so years ago, Duane and Deborah began raising occasional AQHA “babies” for fun as sensible, solid trail and companion horses that just so happened to have the kind of speed that made their bloodlines recognizable to race fans and came in handy on play days for running barrels and poles or when the bull decided he didn’t want to come home from the neighbor’s herd.

Even then, everyone’s favorite mount in the horse herd was Shiloh Snowflakes, a stocky Appaloosa mare that could sprint like a world champion Quarter Horse and Indian Shuffled on trail rides, not that there was much sharing going on. Deb bought Shiloh as a ten month old filly because “something just clicked” between them and Deb could train her just the way she wanted. When Duane wanted to ride Shiloh, Deb finally bred her and gave him the resulting colt so he could have an Appaloosa of his own.

In 2002, while searching for Shiloh a mate to get one more offspring before she was too old, instead of purchasing a breeding, they bought a stallion and began the process of gradually switching over from Quarter Horses to Appaloosas.

Today’s focus is on raising a few, quality Appaloosas, showing, breeding their two Appaloosa stallions to a select number of outside mares, working with the Sooner Appaloosa Club to promote the breed so others can enjoy our wonderful horses and taking life a little slower. Their granddaughters are both horse crazy and enjoy participating in showing as a family event.

Shiloh - our first Appaloosa
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Shiloh Snowflakes is my first Appaloosa, actually she's a Walkaloosa.
She Indian Shuffles, which I love, and was 20 years young in 2007.
I bought her when she was 10 months old and trained her myself.

"Our Brand  of Horses"

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