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Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu Oil Today

    Emu oil is understandably one of the many undiscovered, ancient secrets of the "modern" world. Emu oil was first discovered by the Aborigines in Australia and has enjoyed a treasured place among these ancient people for centries. Although commercially available in Australia for some time, the benefits of Emu oil have not been known in the United States until the last decade.

    Emu oil is a natural substance that offers the benefits of pain relief without the harsh side effects of prescription drugs. A growing collection of testimonials, research data and the benefits offered by Emu oil has promoted the scrutiny of the medical profession, the scientific community and the health-conscious consumer to explore the health related aspects of Emu oil. This natural product has already made its mark in the international cosmetic marketplace and shows promise as a natural organic additive in applications as diverse as a use in food additives to the use in industrial equipment lubrication.

    As the use of Emu oil becomes better known it will lead to the discovery of a multitude of commercial products.

Essential Fatty Acids of Emu Oil

Skin Care: Beside creating smooth, velvety skin, they help improve acne.
Digestion: Essential fatty acids help to prevent leaky intestines that can lead to allergies, inflammation and autoimmune problems.
Vascular System: In the cardiovascular system, essential fatty acids are required to transport cholesterol, lower triglycerides, make platelets less sticky and lower blood pressure. They stabilize the heartbeat, preventing heartbeat abnormalities that can lead to cardiac arrest.
Mood Stabilizers: Essential fatty acids elevate mood, lift depression and improve our stability to deal with stress. High stress levels promote high blood pressure, water retention, inflammation and blood clot formation.
Immune System: In the immune system, essential fatty acids protect DNA from damage. Although it is not a cure for cancer, there are benefits for people and animals with cancer using them for nutritional support.
Joint Health: Sufferers of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis report decreased inflammation with the use of essential fatty acids.
Brain Function: The brain does not function without essential fatty acids.

Royal Perfection Products®

    Thank you for your interest in Royal Perfection products. The key ingredient in Royal Perfection products is the high quality American Emu oil that is Molecularly Distilled and refined, certified and lab tested for purity. Molecular Distillation is a method of refining Emu oil for "optimum" quality, safety and purity. Emu oil is a natural emollient and is used in diverse uses ranging from cosmetic to pharmaceutical uses. Our skin recognizes the harmony and allows Emu oil to penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis. Emu oil is a superb moisturizer and is unsurpassed for its ability to alleviate dry, irritated skin. Research has shown that Emu oil thickens the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of aging.

    All natural Emu oil contains the Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9), which are vital for the human body. Recent studies verify that Emu oil reduces inflammation in muscles and joints. Also, Emu oil has powerful transdermal properties allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the tissues. Some key active ingredients include:
Whole Leaf Aloe Vera: Extensive research since the 1930's has shown a dramatic ability to heal wounds. We use only the finest Aloe grown using the Hydroponic Mineral Drip System for maximum performance.
Wonderful Natural Fragrance: Non-offensive odor allows you to use these products at work, home or on the playing field.
Arnica Extract: Used as a homeopathic medicine for hundreds of years to reduce imflammation and decrease pain.
Glucosamine: Used by thousands to help rebuild cartilage and slow the progression of arthritis.
Cat's Claw Extract: Used for centuries by tribes in Peru, the "Sacred Herb of the Rainforest," is used for treatment of arthritis and inflammation.
Licorice Root Extract: Used by the Greeks, Egyptians and Hindus. It is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics.
St. John's Wort Extract: Used as a herbal remedy since the Middle Ages. It is antiviral, antibacterial and also good for nerve pain.

    Specialists are discovering the benefits of Emu oil and are adapting it into their treatment techniques for relieving the symptoms of arthritis to reducing stiffness in joints. Emu oil also helps diminish bruising and muscle pain. Experience the differenct Royal Perfection Emu oil products can make in your life.
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