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Bar Leo Telestar

Bar Leo Telestar with filly, Western Baby Doll
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1982 Sorrel AQHA ~ N/H

Impressive Bar Leo
 Impressive  Lucky Bar
  Glamour Bars
 Dipsy Lee   Leo
  Dipsydoodle Milligan
Triple Chick Star
 Triple Chick   Three Bars
  Chicado V
 Peppys Telestar   Mr Peppy
  Jenny Wall

* Extended Pedigree *

~ Tel's Story ~

Bar Leo Telestar is the foundation of our herd. Back in 1981, when Impressive Bar Leo was in his prime, a certain horseman in the Bixby area took six of his best mares to Impressive Bar Leo to breed in anticipation of getting a stallion prospect. Tel was one of the six fillies that resulted from those breedings and she's a special girl. We bought her as a 6 year old and not only have built our herd around her, but I told Duane that "some day I want to live where I can sit on my front porch and watch that beautiful mare graze by." At the time, she shared 2.7 acres with us and grazed in the yard to help cut down on the hay bill and to make up for the mower never working.

Tel has lived to be 26 years old and has maintained her figure in spite of giving us 9 foals, in addition to the 2 she gave her original owner (3 of those foals have come in the last 4 years). Now, not only can I sit on the front porch and watch her graze, but because we don't have a yard fence (yet), she comes right up to the porch and scratches those big Quarter horse hips on the railing. Maybe all those years of living in the yard made her think she's a dog! Tel seldom strays far from the house though she has the run of 100 acres. There may not be a sweeter, smarter mare around.

On July 26, 2006, Eyesa Cool Bubba, our Appaloosa broodmare, unexpectedly dropped dead, leaving a 3 month old colt an orphan. I was at the mare barn looking at Eyesa, wondering what to do with her orphaned baby. Up walked Tel with her own colt. She looked at Eyesa, then back at me and shook her head "No". Then, she looked at the colt standing there nosing at his mama’s body, looked back at me, shook her head "Yes", gathered him up with her own foal and moved them away. From that time on, she took care of him with her own until she weaned her colt. We credit her with that orphan being the calm, level headed horse he is today. Our granddaughter is planning to use him as her 4-H project this year.

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