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She's A Kelo

She's A Kelo with Hes A Kelo Cochise
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1996 Chestnut & White Leopard ~ N/N

Kelo Connection
 Kelo QH  Impressive QH
  Horned Scat Bar QH
 Miss Poco San   Top San
  Market Lady QH
Ms Impressability QH
 Impressive QH   Lucky Bar QH
  Glamour Bars QH
 Dipsy Lee QH   Leo QH
  Dipseydoodle Milligan QH

* Extended Pedigree *

~ Kelo's Story ~

When we brought She's A Kelo home, she wasn't due to foal for at least two weeks. It was late and we were tired, so we put her in a round pen. We didn't listen to the weather before we went to bed. That night, an F1 tornado came through and she foaled early due to the drop in pressure. The poor little filly stood outside with her mama during that horrible weather. By the time we got over the shock of the storm damage; we lost a barn, the shingles down the top of the house and a few other more minor items, we realized the filly was nursing, but wasn't getting anything. The damage was done. We worked with the mare, got the foal going and thought everything was fine. The filly (She's A Rosie Chick) got infected and her back hocks blew out so that you could see all the way into the cartilage.

We spent the next month keeping Rosie's legs wrapped to control the infection, gave her penicillin shots and 30 cc of Pepto Bismol, twice a day. Oh, but that baby hated the pink stuff! Then, her right back ankle turned to jello and we had to splint it for over a week to keep her from ruining it. Through all this, Kelo continued to be a calm, gentle mare. We think her disposition toward two strangers is what kept Rosie calm enough to allow us to continue to care for her. Rosie didn't know that other foals didn't get constant shots and leg wraps. She may have wondered about the "pink stuff", though. Though all this, Kelo was never aggressive in any way. She seemed to know that without our help, her baby was going to die.

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